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just a drunk with a pen.
Artist | Literature
United States
Skype User ID: fenris242

Lit: Characters and Settings

Tue Aug 26, 2014, 5:00 AM by GrimFace242:icongrimface242:

Gallery Descriptions Month

Have you ever wandered through the Literature Gallery here on dA and wondered what the Characters & Settings sub category was for?  Then ask no more.  It should almost be obvious what goes in here, but let's play dumb for a minute. 

The Characters & Settings gallery is NOT for your prose, poetry or scripts.  Finished stories or poems don't belong here.  They belong in their own categories.  Here, we should find character information.  Well what is character information:

  • Characters Sheets.  Any character sheet that you've completed for your character(s) and would like to share.  Blank sheets should be submitted to the Resources & Stocks > Tutorials > Writing gallery.
  • Character Profiles or Biographies.  You wrote a short description or history for your character but it won't be included in the final cut of your story.
  • Setting the Scene.  Like a Character Description but for your setting, it's a description of the world your story is set in.  Which could vary from a lengthy History Of to a brief listing of fantasy races/species.
  • Plot Outlines. A full outline of the how the story will begin, move forward and eventually end all put together into a single deviation.
  • Synopsis. This is a brief summary of what your story is about and usually consists of a few paragraphs, sometimes includes a list of characters but definitely includes the end of the story.  This is what would be sent to publishers/agents/reviewers/betas.
  • Blurbs. Similar to a synopsis, but not the same.  A blurb includes the same things as a synopsis EXCEPT the ending.  It's the back of the book summary that you use to hook a reader in.

Here are some examples of what you should expect to find in the

Characters & Settings Gallery:

Ally's Complete Updated Bio
Verse:  Creepypasta/ Slenderverse. Ally can be viewed as either.
Name:  Ally
Alias: Slender Doll, Ally-Doll, Nightmare Puppet, Victorian Ghost Child, Nightmare Bringer, Wind-Up Child, Operator's Doll, Operator's Puppet
Species:  Half-human/ Half-Slender
Gender:  Female
Sexual Preference:  Pansexual
Age:  118 (looks 18)
Birthdate: 12/6/1895
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: East Berlin, Germany
Blood Type: AB+
Alignment: Unknown
Affiliation: Slenderman/ Slender's Proxies
Occupation:  Unknown
Figure:  Petite; Slim (Normal), Widowy; Slender (Nightmare)
Height: 5' 4' (Normal)/ 6' 1' (Nightma
I Cared More Than You Thought (Dan's Backstory)Dan followed Katharine through the dense forest, following the path they took everyday to the mines. He looked around at the scenery surrounding them which included a variety of tall trees, bushy plants, and tall grass. His nine-year-old mind was captivated with nature and creatures.
However, he was not very fond of deer or bunnies or dogs. He rather found happiness from the opposite.
Dan kneeled down as a small, green snake slithered out from a patch of rocks. Swiftly, he picked it up and held the serpent near the head so it could not turn and bite him.
"Hi there..." he said as he stood up. "I'm Daniel." he smiled.
The snake squirmed a bit, and Dan watched it. 
He was very fond of the cold-blooded. Reptiles were his favorite animals. He was teased for it back at the camp, but he didn't mind. He captured lizards and snakes whenever he wanted, and he hid them from their leader.
"Daniel!" Katharine screamed and stormed over to him. "Do you want us to get another penalty!?" she snapp
Timeline of Flora DeMacey (Part I)Timeline of Flora DeMacey
Birth – 7 years: Born on the 8th May X771 in the town of Dahlia in Fiore, Flora was the fourth child of Vico DeMacey and Pollyanna DeMacey (Neè Brookfield) and the younger sibling of her three brothers Eligio, Devin and Martino. Flora’s Father was a man of tradition, wishing to uphold the male values of the DeMacey family line as all children baring the last name for the past three generations have all been boys including himself, all of which being proud members of the all male guild Quatro Cerberus. Always having the desire to raise a family of four boys and have them follow his footsteps, Vico felt a disappointment to the birth of his daughter, trying again a few years later and Pollyanna giving birth to her younger brother, Fabio, in X786 to fulfill his wish.
Flora spent a lot of her childhood chasing after her older brothers wishing to share in their activities, the only one willing to acknowledge her being her oldest br

Character Sheet: E.D.G.E.
Name: Isaac Grave
Nicknames:: E.D.G.E., The Abhorrent, The Wakeless
Age: 26 at The Fall. Currently unknown.
Height: 187.6cm (6 foot 1 inch)
Weight: 79kg (155 lbs)
No history currently exists for the humanoid known as Edge. His name has been taken from the engraving on his isolation chambers, possibly an acronym whose meaning has been lost with the passage of time. His outward appearance betraying his physical and mental abilities, Edge stands just over 187cm with slight build, red hair, and skin a slight pallid color. Upon his face and neck appear numerous scars, looking to have been caused by a blade of some kind. His most notable features naturally, Edge's eyes are two separate colors. His right its natural blue, the left an amber color. Along with it's unique appearance, his augmented eye provides incredible
My TF OC Relationship list. *WIP*This will show who belongs to who:
Decepticon Redbolt:
- Son of Grayscar and Skylove
- Twin to Boltfang
- Half Brother to Redstar
- Brotherly figure to Volume and Black Hole.
- Mate Flare and several others.
Autobot Boltfang:
- Son of Grayscar and Skylove
- Twin to Redbolt
- Half Brother to Redstar
- Mate to Seastar
Decepticon Grayscar:
- Father of Boltfang and Redbolt
- Mate to Skylove
Autobot Skylove:
- Mother of Boltfang, Redbolt and Redstar
- Mate to Grayscar
Autobot Ninjadash:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Older Brother to Tunefusion and Silversong
- Also OFFICIAL son to Huntress
- Secret crush to Sweetaquawave.
Autobot Tunefusion:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Younger Brother to Ninjadash
- Older Brother to Silversong
- Also Official son to Huntress/Silverstar
Autobot Ninjadash:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Younger Sister to Tunefusion and Ninjadash
- Also son
Fire Touched Blurb
Being Ungifted is a death sentence in Agansi, where almost everyone is born under an element. Kirilee, born Ungifted, recieves the rarest element during a tragedy in which both her parents die. On the other side of the country, a boy with the same rare element becomes King after his father dies. Tyan's step-brother, jealous of being looked over, has put a plan into action. A plan that, if Tyan and Kirilee cannot combat, will be the end of civilization forever.
Everyone controls an element. The elements are fire, earth, water, air, and darkness. There are also shapeshifters, and a strange race called the Katani.
Kirilee - Fireling - Main Protagonist
Tyan - Fireling - Main Protagonist
Jason - Shapeshifter - Main Antagonist
Jessamine - Shapeshifter - Main Antagonist
Kikeh - Waterling - Protagonist
Thorne - Darkling - Protagonist
other characters to be added as story progresses
The Blackburn Family LegendUnpopular Dawn Blackburn isn't an ordinary seventeen year old sorceress. Unknown to her she is the reincarnation of the famous sorceress Amity Blackburn. With high grades and a love for doing mostly everything, Dawn couldn't be happier.
Dawn's life changes drastically when her powers awaken. Suddenly she gets two best friends Cecilia Lockwood and Phoebe Cartwright, classmates who never looked at her twice before and the most popular boy in school, Ivan Saravia, starts to bug her like crazy. Freaked out by how suddenly she changed from keeping to herself to having two best friends, Dawn tries to find the answer. When she gets hit with the astonishing truth, she finds herself fighting demons and protecting the people she loves. Just like Amity did years ago. Elliot, Dawn's older brother, and her best friends have mythical powers of their own and help her battle against the demons. Will Dawn manage to keep the people she loves safe? What would happen if she fails and the demons won?

Operation: Throw the Cake-2days Left

Fri Aug 15, 2014, 10:06 AM

Psst.  Psst. 


Psssst!  Psssst!  Yea, YOU!  I don't have much time to go over all the details.  I've got ShadowedAcolyte calling in her every move and IrrevocableFate is my look out.  In case you didn't know, neurotype has stepped down from being a Literature Community Volunteer.  :no:  And she was so amazing at it that I, the Pie Master that I am, have a super secret mission for you all AND I'm going to give you a week to do it in.


Gotta move fast, she's getting close! 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pummel neurotype will all sorts of cake.  You can post a thumbcode on her profile, create a Muro drawing for her, write an exquisite piece of poetry or prose, or anything else that your little hearts desire.  As long as it involves cake.  And this is a one time deal with the cake.  Got it? :threaten:
:iconupdateplz: Thanks to the wonderful mirz-alt, you all have an emote just for this occasion!  Throw-cake by mirz-alt

AND there are prizes.  All prizes will be randomly drawn via a number generator.  Here they are:
  • 4 - 150:points:
  • 4 - 100:points:
  • 4 - 50:points:
  • 4 - 25:points:
  • Bonus : Random 10:points: will be given out to 10 deviants that spread the word by faveing, pimping and commenting
  • Double Bonus : 100:points: to neurotype's TWO favourite cakes.

That's 1600:points: up for grabs!  But only one entry per deviant.  Leave a link in this journal to your comment/drawing/deviation AND be sure to let neurotype know what you've made for her!

I can hear her heels clicking down the hall.  Remember you have a week to complete this.  That's midnight August 29th, 2014!

Grim, out!


skin by neurotype

Be A Critic: Update

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 9:34 AM

We're half way through August and it's finally time to tell everyone what the big surprise is.

BeACritic will start accepting deviants outside of the Literature Community

That's right!  We're no longer going to be focused solely on Lit here.  We'll feature any type of art in our features.  Currently, everything else will stay the same.  Each feature will be up for two weeks and at the end of that time a new feature will be posted.  Depending on the level of involvement and call for features, we may change this in the future to allow more deviants to be featured at the same time.

What do we need from you?

SPREAD THE WORD!  Tell everyone you know that wants feedback on their art to come here and join us.  And seriously, that's like EVERYONE!  The more deviants we get participating in this, the more feedback the featurees receive and very possibly the better the rewards. 

And speaking of rewards, do you offer commissions?  If so, please note us with details.  We're always looking for more artists to support in our Special Promotions.

When is all of this going to go into effect?

Starting right now, we're accepting notes from deviants wanting to be featured.  But remember, if you don't spread the word and get more deviants involved, you won't get as much feedback.  So make sure you're telling everyone about this.

What about those winners you said you were going to announce in this journal?

Don't think I forgot about any of you.  I haven't.  Both RoamingShadow  and Liz-DarkWarrior  have won 50:points:Liz-DarkWarrior  also won a critique and RoamingShadow  also won our Special Promotion prize which is a poetry commission from DrippingWords.

Critique winners, please note the group with the piece you'd like to receive feedback on.  Points winners will receive their points shortly and commission winners will be contacted by the artist.


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