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January 2, 2013
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Interview With A Member

Wed Jan 2, 2013, 10:10 AM


Dragons RisingA flurry of wings,
A flash of light.
The villagers' faces
Lit up in fright.
I draw my sword
And stand up tall.
Not just for myself,
But to fight for all.
A majestic creature flies overhead,
Calling out its battle roar.
A deafening shout rises up in return,
From people ready to go to war.
Flames curl around my shield,
Expelled by the great beast.
Soldiers shoot arrows to pierce its armor,
Determined not to be a dragon's feast.
The fight rages on,
Butchering several of the finest men,
Until the dragon, worn and bloodied,
Retreats to its own, safe den.
A cheer rises up across the land,
But not for very long.
A realization enters our minds:
The dragons will still come back strong.
So here I go to continue my journey,
Searching for dragons far and wide.
'There are none to vanquish the Dragon-Born'
I think, adding a spring to my stride.
The Copilot by AlicaMoreau An Anarchy Christmas       Soft rustling filled Cameron’s ears as he pulled the whetstone along the blade of his knife. The sun was just setting and he wanted to be prepared in case stragglers decided to meddle with his camp to steal his supplies while he slept. After awhile of sharpening the blade, he licked the edge to test the sharpness. A pinprick of pain told him that it would adequately sever a head and he placed the knife under his pillow. One last look around told him that he should be safe for awhile before any stragglers found his camp. He scuffed out the fire he had used to cook his dinner so it wouldn’t give away his location and lay down on his bedroll. Mentally, he recorded the 147th day of his traveling after North Korean radicals had attacked the government and plunged the United States into darkness. Not quite the end of the world, but the end of the world as every American had known it.
        Cameron was traveling to the capitol of a

What sort of pieces of your work can someone expect to find in your Gallery?

My gallery is mostly filled with fanfictions, but I also have an original work about ninja assassins and a short, post-anarchy story.

How long have you been writing? Have you always known you’d like to be a writer?

I've been writing since I was in first grade. I've always loved sharing my stories with others and fantasized about having a book published one day.

Where do you find your inspiration to write? Are there any deviants in particular who you find inspiring?

My inspiration comes when I'm watching a really good show or ready a fascinating book. It inspires me to create something of my own and to hope that maybe others will find my work fascinating. All the deviants who follow my work and support me inspire my creativity!

What do you find difficult about being a writer? What do you find rewarding about being a writer?

The most difficult thing about being a writer is finding the time and motivation to keep up with the demand. The most rewarding part is seeing when someone enjoys my work, even if it's not a lot of people.

What are some of your favorite pieces done by other artists here on deviantART?

My favorite pieces are usually fanfictions, because I don't do a lot of reading on deviantart. If someone asks me to read something they've done, I'm always happy to, though. My favorite story is Ananke I: Blood Christening by The-SparklingDiamond.

What do you like to read? Do you enjoy reading the same type of work as you write or different types of literature?

I love reading fantasy and science fiction, so that's what I normally write about.

What made you wish to join Love-Literature? What aspects of the group do you enjoy the most?

I wanted to be able to spread my works to as wide an audience as possible. I love how accepting the group is, not to mention this member feature, which really makes someone feel special.

Famous Last Words

Follow your dreams! Don't let others tell you what you can and can't write about. Writing is supposed to be your way of finding happiness and showing people who you truly are. Done right, writing a story can be very fulfilling. It's not about the audience, it's about creating characters who are a part of yourself.

If you'd like to suggest a member to be featured in a future article, please note GrimFace242

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Well butterflies are also frail are they not? Easy to die and fragile. Rhino's are more prepared, more robust and more compatible to changing environments :D
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This is a great idea. A nice way to expose artist and to better know them.
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